Bento # 118 – Mr and Mrs Ogre Bento

Another Japanese Ogre bento, I made them for my breakfast, main ingredient is hard roll (cut into 2 pieces). Then I decorate Mr. Ogre  with angel hair pasta cooked with tomato sauce while for Mrs. Ogre her hair was  1 egg scramble eggs  with pinch of pepper. As usual, cheese and Nori for facial expression. I used cucumber for both Ogre’s horns and mouth and raspberry for Mrs Ogre’s cheek while Mr Ogre’s was carrot.

Bento # 118 – Mr and Mrs Ogre bento

I might be bias but somehow I always found that the Japanese Ogre looks cuter than the Western Ogre …LOL

Happy Thursday All !


14 thoughts on “Bento # 118 – Mr and Mrs Ogre Bento

    • Hahaha… thank you for liking them and yes I do think that they were too cute to be an ogre… remind me on the Ghostbuster movie where the king of evil that will destroy the world was in Mr. Marshmallow shape 🙂

    • Hello there, thank you for stopping by and comment, for the okra I blanched them after rubbing them with salt.
      I went to your blog, you made a very healthy bento with good balance of nutrition 🙂

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