Bento #116 – Leo the Lion bento

Any of you  still keep your childhood toy? Well… I do, below … please meet Leo the Lion.

Technically Leo belong to my elder brother, my Dad bought Leo for him in one of his Europe trip many many  many years ago. We (the family) are quite surprised that somehow Leo is still with the family after all this years, considering when we move from hometown to Jakarta , we had been screening and donating many things to others.

It turn out after 2 cities and 3 houses, Leo is still with us (Hmm… not sure whether it was mum who  pack him out of sentimental reason or Leo himself sneak into the box 🙂

Anyway despite of his age (can any of you guess how old is he looking at his appearance and design?) , Leo still in good shape and adorable and I can’t help but to adopt him as mine as my brother had been way too old and too manly to keep stuffed toy at his place 😀

Today Bento is created using Leo as reference, the base of his face is  fried rice enhance with egg sheet as his mane and cheek, the rest of the ingredients are smoked beef for ears, nori and cheese and carrot for other facial expression. For the side dish I have fried shrimps, boiled okra, and some lap cheong (chinese pork sausage)

Bento # 116 – Leo the Lion Bento

Rw00rrrrw…..well…nope…Leo actually make a rather cute sound when you squeeze him at his tail 🙂




16 thoughts on “Bento #116 – Leo the Lion bento

  1. Leo the lion is full of personality and sounds delicious as well. You are so creative. Do you have any bento ideas for my teenager B-day coming up that we could pack for his lunch box? Maybe just a little surprise to make his birthday special.

    • Thank you BAM, you are so kind. Ideas? I love ideas (thanks for asking) :), how about :
      1) Birthday cake, you can make it from rice or pancake decorated with pocky or anything as candles?
      2) Birthday gift box with big ribbon wrapping?
      3) The miniature of your boy’s bday present – with a note that he can get his real bday present later at home?
      4) Two face shape made of cheese and nori (place on top of any of dish in his lunch box), one with the baby look and the other one with a teenager look with a bday hat, representing baby grown up to a teenager?
      5) Something related with his zodiac or year of birth?
      6) Something resemble his favorite bday present from childhood?
      7) Something resemble the food/dish that he will have for bday celebration? (again with a note telling him whats await later at home)
      8) “Happy Birthday” shaped alphabets with many many love shaped decoration from cheese, veggie, etc? (might be a bit embarrassing for teenager boy, but a mother love is never too little or too much)
      Oooh I can go on and on…. do let me know if any of the ideas above works for you, otherwise I can always list down more 🙂 and by the way I have 2 bentos with birthday theme in Jan and July, in case if you are interested to check them out 🙂

      • I have hit the jackpot! Thank you for all of these great ideas. I am on my way to visit your January posts as he has a January birthday. Thank you my dearest little Rabbit. BAM

      • OK, thanks if I can be of any help. Pls do not expect too much on my Jan bday bento , it was created in my earlier bento days so they might not be as good as what you think 😀

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