Bento # 113 – Bugs family Bento

A cloudy morning and to cheer myself , I whip myself some pancake and then pack few of them for my friend whom I met for lunch today, as always can’t help it to keep those pancake as what they are.

So after some make over, the plain pancake turn into happy bugs family…

I use 2 type of cheese (milk and cheddar cheese) to make the wings and chocolate chip for the eyes and lastly sliced strawberries for the red dots. This is also the first time I use the paper lunch box that I bought in Oct, despite the M size they turn out to be quite big. I love the fact that the inner side have some foil and glossy look  which made the photo looks clean and bright.

Bento # 113 – Bugs family Bento

Happy Thursday !


21 thoughts on “Bento # 113 – Bugs family Bento

    • Hi BAM, thank you. My ideas of bento comes frm assorted things that I like and see, books, magazine, or stuff I have at home. I happen to have one very cute wall light with the shape so its kind of inspired me. And yes, I love to draw and paint (at my younger age) now I just don’t have that much time anymore, sometimes I do sketch the thing/ theme I want to make for my Bento to keep me focus and stick with the plan/idea 🙂 cheers

  1. haha omg that is too cute. a great way to get kids to eat their food! omg, i just on the left all your cartoony and cute meals. great work!!

    – Jenn

    • Hi there, thank you for stopping by and comment so that I can find yours too.
      Thank you…yes the purpose of bento is to encourage kids to eat their food , inc those that they don’t like by trying to make them as cute as possible 😀
      YOu have a lovely and healthy blog 😀

    • Hi there, thank you for stopping by and comment so I can find yours, glad to know that my blog can help to inspire you, that’s what blogger friends are for, lets inspired each other and spread the love for bento. Cheers.

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