Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Onigiri)

A cloudy Sunday and the weather is best for lazying at home listening to the music and daydreaming.  I even refused an invitation from friend for lunch at my fave Japanese restaurant (sorry Ms. SS), just not in the mood to go out.

However when noon is approaching and stomach start growling I decided to treat myself a Japanese lunch ala RCC.

All I need is rice and soya sauce and I end up with a delicious, hot, salty and crisp Yaki Onigiri (aka Grilled Onigiri)

Yaki Onigiri

First , make onigiri from cooked rice, I am not good with shaping onigiri by hands so I  use the Onigiri mold instead.


Place the rice on non sticky pan , add a little oil and cook over low heat. Once rice surface started to dry brush soya sauce on the surface and flip it over.

I kind of ruin one of my Onigiri  (Onigiri was not firm and solid enough and fall apart when I flip it) and end up with 2 pieces.


Tadaaa… here is my yummy and crisp Yaki Onigiri.

Grilled Rice Balls

Happy Sunday all!!


12 thoughts on “Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Onigiri)

    • Hello there, I can imagine your Yaki Onigiri must be really cute. Thank you for liking the photos of the process, I used to do this when I started blogging and then stop it because too tedious , need to wash hands many times as well as take good care of the camera. Hmmm … I think I will still do it from time to time

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