Bento # 111 – Autumn Tottoro

I feel obliged to post something with the fall/autumn theme before the season is really over. Initially I am planning to use my new leaves veggie cutter to make something related with maple leaves, but I change my mind because I want something more challenging to fit the theme. And  when talking about challenging, Totoro is one that pop up in my mind.

Making Totoro bento is the most challenging to me because despite the simple look (based from my experience in my previous Totoro sandwiches), it require a lot of details. And yes, I spend almost 2 hours in making this bento (including the cooking of the abura age).

And here is the result of my AutumnTotoro.

Bento # 111 – Autumn Totoro Bento

I made 2 version of Totoro, the brown Totoro using Abura Age and green one by mixing rice with steamed broccoli and placed both Totoro on a portion of Kimchi which I though the color will resemble autumn (however the kimchi seems to be not visible at all), then covered by another layer of pickled white radish. I also add few Koren  bean sprout for garden/autumn look. And of course the mini Totoro using quail eggs.

Side dish is egg tamagoyaki mixed with carrot bites and last but not the least some  broccoli, cherry tomatoes to enhance the color and without realizing it, this turn out to be a non meat bento…what a healthy way to start the week.

Happy Thursday all… One more day before the weekend ….


15 thoughts on “Bento # 111 – Autumn Tottoro

    • Hi BAM,for my other Bento usually I took me about 30 – 40 minutes depending on the details/side dish, however if I had done some preparation a night before then I can save time and only spend about 20 mins on the Bento. This Totoro took the longest time of 2 hrs 🙂 Cheers

  1. Amazing! You’re so talented. 2 hours is a really long time but every minute is well-spent, the bento is perfect and I’m sure it’s very delicious as well 🙂

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