Bento # 107 – Duckies Bento

Today bento was not exactly as what I initially plan them to be.

Initially I wanted to make a Piyo Piyo (yellow duck) bento and the plan was to rolls the rice balls into the powder of egg yolks from hard boiled eggs. However I under cook my egg and  have no time to boiled another batch so I decided to go with the white rice balls.

I also plan to make a tulip rolled in tamagoyaki but seems that my tulip was not really blend with the egg rolls, still can see some empty space in between the carrot and egg. A note to myself to practice and improve on this part.

For side dish : soft boiled eggs, tamagoyaki, and chicken katsu and apple salad and jellies.

Bento # 107 – Duckies bento

Happy Friday all.

This is my submission for #bentopartyfriday 🙂


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