Bento # 104 – Fish Bento

This is a late post of my weekend breakfast.

Again …I got the idea from my very creative friend Eatzy Bitzy, she made very cute fishes from rice balls and corns.  To differentiate and not to totally steal someone’s creative, I experiment my fish using cheesy bread  and shaped them into oval shape to make the body. I stuffed my cheese bread sandwiches with turkey ham.

Then I spread butter on  top of the bread (about 2/3 ) and then arranged slices of carrots and corn kernels  to made them look like  fish’s scales. Add green peas for the eyes and thin slices of  carrot for the tails.

Bento # 104 – Fish bento

Hope you  like it as much as I do. They taste yummy and very cheesy and not fishy  at all 😀



9 thoughts on “Bento # 104 – Fish Bento

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