My new batch of bento tools from Singapore

Hiyaaa … another post of Bento tools that I bought from my vacation at Singapore.  I got this loot from 2 sources ,

The $2 Daiso  in Singapore and  the kitchenware section at Takashimaya Dept Store.  Though IDR had been depreciating against SGD, still the Daiso price which is SGD $2 /item  is much cheaper compare to the one in Indonesia. In Jakarta each item cost IDR 22,000  , price is higher by 37.5% (approx SGD $2.75 with exc rate 1SGD = IDR 8,000). Shopping at Daiso resulted to 6 items  : 2 set of leaves shape stainless cookie cutter, 2 pieces/set  (which is just right in time for any autumn/fall bento theme), another  set of cookie cutter  in some basic shape,  also sakura silicone baran, music note pick ,and set of plastic food container in triangle, round and square shape

While those from Takashimaya Dept store resulted  tos : set of veggie  silicone cup, set of fruits silicone cup. Seems that the bento tools in the dept store are from CasaBento, I noted they place a small signage with Casabento logo  in the corner where I found these cups. I had been eying to buy silicone cup for a while and so happy to find it , now I don’t have to worry and keep replenishing my lettuce stock.  Did you notice the lettuce and apple cup used in #101 – Molang the fat rabbit bento?

Another bento tools loot from Spore trip

So happy…. I think I have enough of tools to last me till my next 100s bento.

Lets see if I can stay discipline not to buy more until my #200 bento…hmmm nope probably until #150 bento 😀




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