Bento # 100 – Halloween Bento

Yay… the # 100 bento post.

Actually I kind of forgot and did not realized that the #100 is approaching. Initially I wanted to make something rabbit related theme to celebrate however  since I was rather busy  coming back from  vacations I did not have time to stock my fridge and only left with  few bento stash and ingredients which one of them was kabocha /pumpkin.

Pumpkin reminds me on the coming Halloween in this month and also inspired me to join fellow bento friends who participated in the Halloween bento hop, so Halloween theme it is.

Let’s start the day with Peanut butter jelly sandwiches decorated with evil tree made of Nori and cheese holding pumpkin lantern for breakfast.  I love the evil eyes, where I enhance them with carrot on cheddar cheese.

Bento # 100 – Halloween Breakfast bento

Followed by simple lunch, the pumpkins balls were made of steamed rice mix with steamed and mashed yellow pumpkin. This is the first time I made the orange color by mixing  with pumpkin rice and they turn up to be good in both color and taste. The rice balls itself already have pumpkin natural taste and good to go even without any side dish. I think I am going to make more orange color rice with pumpkin 🙂

Bento # 100 – Halloween lunch bento

Let’s close the day with healthy dinner with similar theme

Bento # 100 – Halloween dinner bento

And of course some fruits

Bento # 100 – Halloween Bento2

BOOO… please click the icon below to hop to another Halloween bento by Ohbento  from UK


16 thoughts on “Bento # 100 – Halloween Bento

  1. I’m going to have to make some of that pumpkin rice!! I have a pumpkin at home that needs carving, so Pumpkin Onigiri for the next week it is :). Do you put any other seasoning in the pumpkin rice balls?

    • Hi there, nope I did not put additional seasoning in the pumpkin rice balls because the sweetness of the pumpkin were good enough for me. But I did plan to make another bento with pumpkin and stash some pork floss inside,I think the taste will be complimentary to each other and yummy.

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