October bento tools shopping report :)

Went out for bento tools shopping over the weekend and here is the result 🙂

I had been eyeing on the Marie set with puncher since few months ago but I decided not to buy until  I managed to organize my  new kitchen and bento tools. But you know what? Today when I decided to buy, the price had been increasing by almost USD8, previous price that I remember was IDR 175,000/ approx USD 19 ( exc rate 1 USD = IDR 9,250)  and today price is IDR 259,000/approx USD 27.3  ( exc rate 1 uSD = IDR 9,500).

Yes bento tools can be rather expensive here because they are limited and only few store imported them in addition with the weakening of local currency.

Anyway I am happy with my shopping loots, I got new puncher set with the 2 molds (I love the puncher because it have few unique shapes that will come in handy), it is always easier to rely on puncher rather than cutting them using scissor.

I also got  three new sets of veggie/cheese cutter, new stock for Onigiri wrap, and a set of animal shape stencil sheet and 3  new sets of  bento picks


On top of that I also got 2 new bento boxes, the pink piggy and the 2 Tier what they said as Sponge bob bento box (but on top of color , nothing much of it resembling Sponge Bob, but since I like the color then its ok to buy). I also bought 2 sets of disposable bento boxes in the case if I make bento for friends, they both come in M size and the paper lunch box come in a set of 3 while the pink one with transparent cover come in a set of 2 pieces






8 thoughts on “October bento tools shopping report :)

    • Hi Ohbento, hopefully with you spreading the passion for bento will encourage more people to make bento 🙂 so that the demand will encourage importer to start selling or add more bento stuff.

  1. Hi there, may I ask where you bought the disposable bento boxes? I really want to buy some and experiment on my friends 🙂

    • Hello there, thanks for stopping by and comment. I bought those boxes at Daisho store at Artha Gading mall, but that was sometime ago and not sure if they still have the stock. But it is worth to try because they are really good and I love using them when I made bento for friends. Good luck and do share on your experiment result , cheers.

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