Bento # 97 – Seafood mix Onigiri bento

I had  been feasting eating mooncake in the weekend and now have to reap the consequence,  some jump of numbers when stepping up on  weight scale this morning  😦

So  it’s time to go back to healthy dan small portion bento. Today bento is  all Japanese dish bento. The rice was mix with seafood furikake (Korean brand) while side dish are  Lotus root salad and Kani (imitation crab) salad and stir fry pumpkin.

Bento # 97 – Seafood mix Onigiri bento

This is the rice mix furikake (Seafood flavor) that I use in today Onigiri. Bought at Korean mart price at the price of  IDR 29,500 ( approx USD 3.1).

A pack of this  have 3 smaller pack inside,  I mix the smaller pack with medium portion of rice resulted to about 8 pieces Onigiri (keep the other 4 pieces for dinner). The picture on the packaging show hints of oranges color upon mixing to the rice, however I did not see many oranges ingredients in the furikake so my Onigiri looks more to the greenish color instead. And since the wording were all in Korean I am not sure whether they have instruction to add other ingredients on top of what in the pack. Well… photo on  packaging sometimes can be a bit misleading. Don’t you think so?



10 thoughts on “Bento # 97 – Seafood mix Onigiri bento

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    • Hi Mama Miyuki, thank you for the nomination. I truly feel honored to be part of your blogger family, I will be away for vacation starting tomorrow so won’t be able to post about it until I am back. Will post and link back to you the soonest 🙂 Cheers

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