Bento # 96 – Moon gazing rabbits bento

This was a late post of yesterday snack.

The theme was still about full moon and mooncake festival related, if you Google to check on the origins or the tale behind the Chinese Mooncake/ Mid autumn festival, you will found one of the supporting character in the tales was a rabbit pet of Chang Er. I won’t go on the details because it was a rather long tale so please Google if you are interested to know more 🙂

Here is my bento, the moon gazing rabbits made of glutinous rice cake, cheese and berries.

Bento # 96 – Moon gazing bento

Happy moon gazing and do let me know if you spotted any rabbits hopping or working at the moon.

Cheers 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bento # 96 – Moon gazing rabbits bento

  1. The two bunnies and moon is really cute! Are u done with all the moon cakes? I’m certainly have eaten a fair share and am good till the next mid autumn festival!

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