Bento # 65 – Mid Autumn festival bento

Today is Saturday and suppose to be no bento day but with mid autumn festival coming, I can’t help myself to create and post something about it.

And since baking or making mooncake is not my forte, I decided to make a bento representing the festival. Today bento is  a little girl with lantern, she  was created based on my childhood memory.

I remember clearly during mid autumn there will be many vendors selling colorful lantern made of oil paper or plastic with a slot to lit a little candle inside. The most common theme will be the 12 chinese zodiacs and mum will always bought us the one accordingly with our zodiac, sometimes she will also bought an airplane shape for my brothers and flower shape for me and then  me and my brothers and friends, children from the neighborhood will parade around the housing complex with our colorful and bright lantern,  while parents will hang out and share foods and moon gazing. We were so happy and gave so much fun, especially we were allowed to stay late despite it was school night. When my younger brother was born 6 years later, the lantern had been evolved to using battery instead of candle and many years later when we grown up, we don’t see people selling those lantern anymore.

Personally I think it was a sad thing that people did not try to preserve this culture. Sometimes I wonder whether the current generation children will enjoy or appreciate such simple celebration or toy considering the advancement of technology.

Back to the bento, here is the result, I made the little girl using 2 type of rice , the white for the face and brown for the body. She is holding a simple square lantern made of egg sheet and carrot. Side dish are sliced beef cook in Indonesia style, egg sheet flower, fried baby fish and a piece of mini mooncake.

Bento # 95 – Little girl with lantern

Happy Mid Autumn festival all!



6 thoughts on “Bento # 65 – Mid Autumn festival bento

  1. It is sad when little pieces of our cultures disappear. I’m sorry the lanterns are no longer around. Living in Canada now but having grown up in the UK, I have a whole new set of customs and celebrations through the year, so it makes it even more complicated!

    • Yes, agree with you, hopefully one day it will revived again. Waow in your case it’s kind of blessing to be able to have so much custom and celebrations, you have double fun than the rest of us 🙂

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