Bento course/ Bento workshop

Yesterday was a very productive day in my bento making history. Guess why?

It was because I am doing  bento course for small group of friends.

Before yesterday they were some occasion where  I gave  crash/basic  lesson  on how to make bento for one or two  friends at one time but yesterday was the record  of 7 participants in a group. Yay… I guess love for bento is in the air and I am glad to be able to spread and encourage more people to do bento for whatever reason that they enjoy.

We had the course in 2 modules, first one was how to make breakfast bento from  bread followed by lunch bento from rice. Below please find the photos of the concentrated , excited and happy ladies in their bento making progress.

Ladies in action

These were the result from the 1st batch breakfast bento made from bread

1st batch breakfast bento made of bread

Each individual bento, despite this was the first time making bento, they all are really talented.




These were the result of the lunch bento made of rice



Yay…we made it, too bad Ms. J had to rush for some errand and miss the photo session, nevertheless we do have her bento in the photos.

From L to R (Mrs.A , Mrs. CK, Mrs.L, Mrs R, Mrs W, Mrs. S)

Good job everyone 🙂 hope you will continue bento making for kids and hubby.

Last but not the least, nope you will not find me in the photos, I was the photographer 🙂

All bento photos belong to each participant, in the case if you interested to use any of them, please drop me a note so I can check with the ladies. And in the case if you live in Jakarta and interested to get a bento course, just drop me an email or ping me at the comment.



28 thoughts on “Bento course/ Bento workshop

    • Hi Selvinas, yes it was fun. 🙂
      Bento gain its popularity and become part of the custom for mums in Indonesia because now a day the studying time for kids starting elementary is quite long and pass lunch time. So it is a compulsory for kids to bring their own lunch or snack to school, especially with the increase of healthy and good eating habit lifestyle, instead of letting the kids buy snacks or lunch from school canteen.

    • Hahaha yes it was fun, I am looking forward for more similar class or gathering, do let me know if you happen to be in Jakarta surely will include you in it if the timing is right 😀 cheers.

  1. Dear,

    Love to see your Bento course. Will you have the schedule course, basic one, in nearly future?

    How much the course fee and where your location is?

    Cudn’t for your reply..Thanks

    • Hello Anita, thanks for your interest for the bento course, unfortunately I will be away for my Christmas holidays soon.
      Let me email you on the course module and then lets see how can we move forward frm there to match the schedule, ok. Cheers:)

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