Bento # 93 – Coconut tree bento

Funny of how sometimes I can have tons of idea on what to make for bento and then totally no idea at all  like today.

Pack 2 pieces of fried lotus root leftover for the side dish, a small portion of egg salad and few berries. Been eating heavily over the weekend and I decided to go healthy with brown rice (place some meat juice at the bottom of the rice to enhance taste) 😀 and then stared at my rice and wonder what to do with it.

I end up adding mushroom, steamed string beans and blueberries and it turn to what I figure as coconut tree. What do you think?

Haha… a rather lame theme I guess, nevertheless it is Monday and I am excited to start this week, hopefully everything goes well for everyone.


Bento # 93 -Coconut tree bento

Happy Monday all!


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