Bento # 92 – Twin rabbit bento

Yeay it’s Friday again, somehow this week pass so quickly and I am so happy that I have time to make bento for today #partyforfriday bento.

Today lunch was a simple steam rice  sprinkled with Shichimi togarashi  and decorated with steamed edamame and purple sticky rice/glutinous rice cake. I bought those rice cake  from nearby cake shop (in Indonesia it’s called : Pulut Tai Tai), the purple color of the rice was using the coloring from “Telang” flower (don’t ask me the name in English I am totally clueless) . This Pulut Tai Tai is a traditional cake  to be enjoy with Kaya sauce. I believe the dish was a mixture of Chinese and Malay culture and this type of dish can be found in neighborhood countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.
Anyway back to the bento, the rest of what’s in the box : 2  fish shape grilled sausages , 2 sotong /octopus balls (cooked in chicken stock for some flavoring and to get rid of the fishy smell), few cherry tomatoes.

Bento # 92 – Twin Rabbit bento

Happy Friday all!


12 thoughts on “Bento # 92 – Twin rabbit bento

    • Hi Bam, thank you, yes Nori always get soft when place directly on any food. If you want them to be crunchy you have to separate the Nori and Onigiri using special plastic wrap (sold at Japanese mart). It had 2 layers of plastic, one to place the Nori and then one for Onigiri and after wrap them in triangle shape you will find the red line/white or arrow on the middle of the triangle indicate to pull upon wanting to consume, hence fresh Nori with Onigiri (like those sold at convenience store). Hope you will be able to find the warp at local store at HK. Cheers.

      • Thanks for the information. I remember these as I used to live in Yokohama- just like in 7/11. Always the perfect onigiri. I have not seen these nori packaged wraps here in HK. I will keep looking. Are you living in Japan now?

      • Hope you will be able to find them, though a cling wrap or other plastic can be of substitute (but the outlook won’t be as nice as the pre-made one). No I am not living in Japan, currently I live in Jakarta/Indonesia 🙂

    • Hi, the taste was actually slightly salty because it was cooked with coconut milk which add up with pinch of salt, however if you eat it with the Kaya , the kaya taste is sweet so it compliment the original taste of the glutinous rice cake.

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