Bento # 91 – Classic Kamen Rider bento (Superhero series)

The world is at peace for the past few weeks and everyone had been enjoying summer therefore most superhero were also on their summer vacation, after all they are also human , right?

And now with summer over , superheroes  are back on duty to fight villains, monsters and protect the world peace.

Today superhero is the classic Kamer Rider .  I remember watching Kamen Rider during my childhood and during that time there was only one type (as far as I can remember) , the  one with green color. However when I start to google for reference I found many new version of Kamen Rider, it is Kamen Riders now and that is good finding  because  I can save the other mask riders for future bento theme.

Bento # 91- Classic Kamen Rider bento

By the way, the little monster behind the bento box, it was created yesterday.

I was trying to  make crochet amigurumi and the easiest one is the baby monster, if you are interested please check

The rest of what’s in the box are  rice, cabbage stir fry, chilli egg and 2 slices of chicken katsu.


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