Bento # 90 – Oolong the pig bento

Any Dragon balls fans here? Is you are one , then you can easily spot and tell who is the piggy on today bento.
Today bento theme was based on the request from a friend of mine Mr. B.

It is a character from Dragon ball comic/anime, the pig called Oolong, he is a shapes shifting and perverted pig who met Goku in the beginning of the story and they becoming friends in the quest finding the Dragon balls.

Bento # 90 – Oolong the pig bento

I am too lazy to make the whole pig, so I only made the head from ham and smoked beef. While for the underwear I use pink kamaboko, use the white part for white underwear and the pink part for the small ribbon.

Summary of what’s in the box : Rye bread sandwiches with eggs salad + steam broccoli + hard boiled eggs and radish star. Yum…

Happy Friday all !

To #bentofamily :  Overall ingredients was more than 5, so can’t submit it for #5forfriday bento 😦


7 thoughts on “Bento # 90 – Oolong the pig bento

  1. Looks great! It’s ok we’ve decided, because it’s hard to stick to five, you can either do five and call it #5forfriday or I it’s more you can tag it as #bentopartyfriday 🙂

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