Bento # 88 – Colorful rice balls bento

This week seems to be very slow, and today is only Tuesday. So I decided  to cheer myself and  give some colors to the week by making this colorful rice balls bento which by number happen to bethe lucky number #88 bento 🙂

The rice balls itself was simple, basic round shape onigiri mix with carrots, cucumber and teriyaki ground beef.

For the orange ball – cut the carrot into small pieces, then stiry fry with a little butter and salt, I add a dash of japanese togarashi for some spiciness.

For the green ball – cut japanese cucumber (kyiru) into small pieces and sprinkle with a pinch of salt.

For the supposedly to be brown ball – stir fry ground beef with sesame oil, teriyaki sauce and pepper.

Mix 1.5 table spoon white rice with 1 table spoon of each ingredients and and shape them with plastic wrap to form round shape.

Bento # 88 – Colorful rice balls bento

I add a red radish star into the box to fill in the empty space.

I happen to spot this cute  radish star at one of the bento by @Ohayo bento, a friend I met from twitter,  she made many cute and pretty bento, please visit her at .

Ohayo bento is the one whomrefer me to the tutorial link by @sherimiya , who is another  expert in bento making.  Sherimiya have a cute bento blog and have many tutorial posts, please visit her blog for the tutorial on this radish star

I am so happy that I met many new friends through cooking, blogging and bento making and looking forward to make more friends.

Thank you all for being my friends and add more colors to my blogging life !!!



4 thoughts on “Bento # 88 – Colorful rice balls bento

    • Hi Bam, I live in Jakarta/Indonesia. And lucky me, we have Japanese tools corner/section in some big supermarket here and they have quite good range of bento tools and sometimes I also buy them at the Japanese 200 Yen store or any Japanese store/corner whenever I am traveling. Or occasionally order them online at Bento&co or Casabento 🙂 Cheers

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