Bento # 86 – Corn field bento

The plan for today bento was to make field of ready to harvest corn  using green veggie and cheese. And  as always I started ambitious and end up with the simplified one (term I used for covering my failure) 🙂

Bento # 86 – Corn fields bento

What’s in the box : Fried quail eggs with cheese for the happy sunny sun + Nori + dots of ketchup. Steamed beans and cheese for the corns (which  I think somewhat resemble flower more than corn?), 2 piece of  stir fry black pepper chicken with bell pepper and onion. A portion of white rice.

It was a rather heavy lunch because in a moment of my ambitious plan, I though I will need large box for the field (use a 600ml box) and hence a big portion of rice.  Nevertheless, it’s yummy and the sun is shining brightly outside, I am full and in sudden need for nap 🙂



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