Bento # 85 – Rabbit in love bento

Ever try  green vegetable barley noodle?  Well… today is my first time.

I bought a pack of the  dry noodle many weeks ago but since I love the unhealthy food more I had been procrastinating to cook it. So before they reach the expired date I tossed them into bento for lunch, they make a good resemble of green fields. I used fish kamaboko for the rabbits (still need to practice cutting kamaboko as you may see from the photos, my rabbits surface were not smooth enough).

Add few carrots and some kamaboko to add more colors on the green  noodle. Since it was a rather small portion of noodle, I also pack a portion of apple raisin salad.

Bento # 85 – Rabbit in Love Bento

The verdict on the healthy green vegetable barley noodle? Hmm… they have good texture and color, but I have to choose I will still go for egg noodles or any unhealthy type  🙂

Happy Monday all!


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