Bento # 84 – Anpanman Bento

Any of you don’t know Anpanman ? He is character was inspired by a soldier struggles to survive in WW II.  Many times, he became faced with the prospect of starvation, which made him dream about eating anpan (bread filled with read bean paste).

Anpanman was introduced in 1973 in Japanese children picture books and later being adapted into anime cartoon series and until now you still can see Anpanman characters appear in many children product  in Japan.

Does Anpanman considered as superhero? Well he is popular, he can fly, he fight for justice with his two special attacks, and he has his fellow friends with special abilities. So to me yes, he is a superhero too.

For today breakfast I made Anpanman from pancake decorated with fresh strawberries and Nori and add a slice of white bread to make Shokupan man decorated with Nori and carrot.

Shoukupan man is a friend of Anpanman and he is made from sliced whited bread (Japanese : Shoku pan).

Bento # 84 – Anpanman Bento

Happy Sunday all!


8 thoughts on “Bento # 84 – Anpanman Bento

    • Hahaha actually yes, Anpanman is more on cartoon figures, but I just like to think of him as Japanese superhero since he is so popular and have interesting history behind it’s creation 🙂 Sorry for the mislead.

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