Bento # 82 – Wonder Woman Bento (Superhero series)

The return of superhero and the appearance of the first female superhero, I present you the mighty Amazon princess Diana aka Wonder woman.

Bento # 82 – Wonder woman Bento

I made the face and body from chicken ham, Nori for eyes and hair, cheese and red chilli  for the head band and costume.

Initially I wanted to submit this bento for the weekly 5 for Friday in Bento family, meaning Bento using only 5 ingredients include 1 spice. But upon counting back, just realized that rice mix with Furikake was actually counted as 2 ingredients, not 1. Now I end up with 6 ingredients which made this wonder woman not eligible. My bad…

Today ingredients : Ham, Nori, Cheese, Ume Furikake, Rice and Chilli.

Regardless I do love the outcome of the wonder woman, she looks  exotic and lovely.

By the way did any of you know that Diana is not an American and only spoke only her native Themyscirian language (a combination of classical Greek and Turkish)? She had to learn English when she arrived in America, rather than knowing the language intuitively. It is good to know that superhero also need to put an effort to adapt in this world.

Happy Friday All ! Wish you have a good weekend!


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