Bento # 81 – Inarizushi (Sushi in a bean bag) bento

Well  don’t be mislead by the bean bag description, it was not a real “bean” bag but  fried tofu skin stuffed with sushi rice. I bought  Abura age  from  local Korean mart last weekend. One pack of 2 medium Abura age cost about IDR 9,500 ( approx USD $ 1).

At first I was quite ambitious and would like to re-create cute  bento  from bento book with quail eggs as the characters and have them soaked into the a tub made of Abura age. But upon preparing the Abura age (learning from justhungry)  which require few steps such as blanch and de-oil and then cook them with dashi stock, I started to get hungry so no cute bento today, just a simple Inarizushi.

After processing the Abura age (details on how to please click justhungry  link above), cut the Abura Age into 2 and fold down  the upper part to  hide the edge to make  nice bags. Stuffed the bag with rice sushi (white rice mix with sushi ingredients) and then topped them with Wasabi tobiko and Salmon flake.

The supposedly cute quail eggs were rolled with thin sliced pork and fry with Teriyaki sauce.

Bento # 81 – Inarizushi Bento

Summary of what’s in the box :

  • 4 pieces Inarizushi topped with wasabi tobiko and salmon flake
  • Teriyaki quail eggs with sliced pork
  • Strawberries, Zucchini, lettuce.

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