Bento # 80 – Fuzzy Wuzzy Kuma Bento

Intoducing Kuma chan, the newset member of the family. I got him last week from the local teddyhouse store (, love his fuzzy wuzzy  texture.

I know it was kind of lame to called a Bear as Kuma (which in Japanese means Bear too) but I just love  “Kuma”, sounds  strong, warm and friendly.

Kuma Chan

To celebrate Kuma joining the family, I decided to make another Bear theme Bento with Kuma as the model.

Tadaaa…. the fuzzy wuzzy Kuma using chicken floss.

Bento # 80 – Fuzzy Wuzzy Kuma Bento

What’s in the box :

  • 1 portion steam rice – shape to make Kuma’s face
  • 2 tablespoon steam rice – each tablespoon to  make Kuma’s ears
  • 1 tea spoon steam rice – shape to make Kuma’s nose
  • 80 – 100  gr chicken floss – cover the steam rice with chicken floss to get the fuzzy wuzzy texture
  • Nori – cut into round shape for eyes and nose
  • Egg tamago with red spinach
  • Lettuces, cherry tomatoes and carrots

Wish you all a good week ahead !


10 thoughts on “Bento # 80 – Fuzzy Wuzzy Kuma Bento

    • Hahaha, me love pork floss better but the good one is hard to find here, try to buy the Bee Cheng Hiang but somehow I feel that it taste slightly different with the Spore one. I love the Xin Dung Yang (Taiwanese brand, if not mistaken) the most.

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