One Lovely Blog Award

Dear  friends and readers, two good news to share for today :
# 01 good news : RCC received it’s first blog award.

Thanks to kiisu23 aka Ohbento , a fellow bento blogger friend from UK for the nomination.

In the event of being nominated for a lovely blog award, one is to:

  • -thank the nominee and link back to them in the post (see above)
  • -share 7 random facts about yourself:
  1. I occasionally cut myself, bruise myself , burn myself when I am at the kitchen.
  2. I am shoe and bag addict
  3. the funkiest thing that I ever did was to color my hair in dark green color.
  4. I can skip breakfast or lunch but never miss dinner or supper.
  5. I always believe if I have kids, they will be twin and I will name them Sky and River or something which is related to nature.
  6. I love eating carrot
  7. My greatest collection was 320 pieces of rabbit plush/soft toys (was, means I donated all of them few years ago)
  • -nominate 15 (or so) bloggers you admire :
  • contact them to let them know they’ve been nominated.

Below please find my nomation :

  1. Jothetartqueen – Think happy tarts, the blog provide many delicious cake, tart and any baking related recipe inclusive of very details step by step tutorials and great photos.
  2. Eatzy Bitzy – You will find many neat, cute, yummy and creative cooking, be it bento-ing or baking and nice photos as well.
  3. Playfuland hungry – Who said you can’t play with your food?  A playful approach to delicious food with interesting photos. If you love legos, you will be a fan.
  4. Gman’s galaxy – Everything about art, crafts,  trading cards and many more. You will be surprise with all the fun in the blog.
  5. Melodiefairitale – Interesting and lovely blog with such honesty and diversity in the topic.
  6. Typingwithtea – This blog is a sip of reviews and experiences from around the world, with nice photos for sure.
  7. Bam’s Kitchen – A food blog with many uunique international dishes that even teenagers will enjoy.

I hope you will enjoy their blog as much as I do.

Cheers to more great posts for the future.


# 02 good news : As of today RCC had exceeding 100 followers.

The numbers might be nothing compare to many of you whom had hundreds and thousands of followers. To me who  did not expect much when I first started this blog, it was something to be glad of  because many friends and readers had been liking  my blog ,well enough to follow.  So to all of you, be it the dedicated commenter, foodie friend, serial likers, silent supportive reader, or offline non blogger friends, your support, comment, and like, had been an encouragement for me to come improve this blog, cooking skill and bento creatives.

Thank you all.



12 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Hey, thanks for award, makes me feel loved 😀
    However i have already received this award! But i really appreciate this as it’s coming from a great cook as you!
    + Green hair is super cool and rad, so are the names of your future children!

  2. Congrats, been follow your blog since the beginning and i can see improvement along the way, keep up the good work. It will be good if you can maintain the photos of step by step cooking instruction like before.

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