Bento # 79 – The Frankenstein bento

Today Bento is a very Chinese style, despite the theme is the western.

The Frankenstein was made of Chinese TeoChew olice rice, said that the rice  was mix with Teochew preserved black olives , which is known to stimulate appetite and aids in the process of slimming.Though I am not really sure on the aiding slimming process part, it is delicious for sure. The side dish is the Samsui style steamed chicken with ginger sauce (I not included the ginger sauce in the bento)

Said that in the past due to low income, Samsui women steam the chicken without much seasoning  and dipped the chicken in ginger sauce before consumption. The ginger sauce is a fragrant and tasty compliment to the chicken. Ginger and sesame oil, as believed by the Chinese, removes excess wind from the body.

Oh a quick note, I did not cook the rice nor the chicken, all were the take away from yesterday dinner from “Soup Restaurant”. My only contribution was decorating the olive rice to resemble Frankenstein 😉

Bento # 79 – The Frankenstein bent

Indonesia is embracing a long holidays starting tomorrow Aug 17 until Aug 23, it was a combination of National day holiday as well as Eid al Fitr Moslem New Year.

So to all Indonesian friends and readers, Happy Holiday to all of you!!



8 thoughts on “Bento # 79 – The Frankenstein bento

    • Hi Melodie, thank you for liking this post. Hope you will be able to get the chance to try Teochew cuisine in any chinese restaurant in your country or when you are traveling. Yeah, Frankenstein idea was the one that pop up in my mind when I saw the color 🙂

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