Bento # 74 – Wolverine Bento (Superhero series)

Today Wolverine join his friend in the superhero series bento.

Bento # 74 – Wolverine Bento

I use the classic Wolverine from old comic book as reference. he is not as handsome as the Hugh Jackman wolverine but he indeed look strong and powerful.

Summary of what’s in the box :

  • A portion of rice mix with ume furikake
  • 3 pieces of meatballs in sweet and sour sauce
  • 1 egg sheet for wolverine costume
  • Nori & Ham for the faces and other decoration
  • Steamed veggies (brocoli, carrots, edamame and baby corns)
  • Strawberries
  • Ham & Egg flower (from the remaining parts used for wolverine)

This is the Ume furikake that I use to mix the rice, price per pack is Rp 28,500 (approx USD $3).

Stay tuned for the release of next superhero… Happy Monday all!!!


6 thoughts on “Bento # 74 – Wolverine Bento (Superhero series)

  1. How cool, love wolverine but the Xmen version but you did a good job, really look like the one in comic book. Do you plan to make a female superhero? who will be featured if you make one?

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