Bento # 73 – Monkey Bento

Many of my non-bento making friends had been expressing their liking for my bento (those that I posted on my BB picture profile every other day) and they had been showing those photos to their kids, resulted kids asking the mum to make for them. But then read again the earlier statement “non-bento making friends” means mummy  don’t make bento but will ask the nice auntie for one 🙂

So since few weekends ago it had becoming a habit of me making pancake bento for friend’s kids whenever they are meeting me on weekend.  And this week Monkeys bento went to Marvel (5) and Jennifer (2).

Bento # 73 – Monkeys Bento

The pancake were decorated with milk cheese and cheddar cheese, this time I try not to use nori to decorate the faces so when I made the pancake , I also made few small drops of the batter to get the small round shape for eyes and ears. For the mouth I cut them from other piece of pancake.  Separately I made 2 pieces of Rilakkuma pancake for Jennifer , did not  take any picture as I was rushing for the meeting and Rilakkuma was not a new theme and had been posted before. I was smiling from ear to ear like the monkey when Marvel call me on the phone expressing his liking for the cute pancake.

Friends who live in Jakarta and  follow me on this blog, now  you know better when to set up brunch or lunch appointment with me 🙂




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