Bento # 72 – Iron Man Bento (Superhero series)

I am taking the advise of blogger friend, Anita from for today superhero, the Iron Man.

At first I was a bit indecisive on how shall I create the shiny golden and reddish look , can’t figure out the right materials. But then I decided just to be free and use whatever ingredients that I have, Bento making supposedly to be fun and all about creativity, the worst case if I fail this theme, then I can always post it as an abstract version of Iron Man, it’s all about perspective of each individual. 😀

Nothing fancy about this Iron Man, I use smoked beef and cheddar cheese and then decorate them with Nori and milk cheese and place them on top of cheese sandwich.  TADA… handsome Tony Stark in Iron Man costume 🙂

Hmmm who  is next to join the team? For sure I won’t be captain America, I am totally clueless on how to get the blue color and I personally think that blue is less appealing color in food.

Any idea and suggestion friends?

Bento # 72 – Iron Man Bento

Summary of what’s in the box :

  • 1 slice of cheese sandwich decorated with Iron man made of smoked beef and cheese
  • scramble egg with the remaining part of the smoked beef and cheese
  • few slices of dragon fruit
  • cheery tomatoes and steam edamame

Happy Friday all…

Wish you have a good and blessed weekend.



6 thoughts on “Bento # 72 – Iron Man Bento (Superhero series)

    • Hi, thank you for stopping by and comment, glad to hear you like this Iron Man bento. You know what? even when I eat my lunch at home, I still pack them into Bento lunch box 🙂 I am hopelessly bento freak 🙂

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