Bento # 71 – Ultraman Bento (Superhero series)

I was  wondering what are the next superhero to add into the series when I saw the cute Ultraman stationary holder that I received from friend as Xmas present many many years ago and it bring back the memory of the forgotten Ultraman movie at my younger age, me and my elder brother really enjoy watching those movies, the pose, the transformation of the Hayate (the name of Ultraman in human form, if I am not mistaken) to Ultraman, the Ultra punch, the Ultra kick, the Ultra teleportation, the Monster from outerspace, the fake building as the background for the city (no digitalization yet at the era) and so on… Ooh I really miss the series, should search and download them for my next weekend movie marathon 😀

In the meanwhile, today I present you the Ultraman bento.

I notice there is another character , Ultraman saga which is kind of evolved version of the classic Ultraman (will put him in my list of bento theme)
This is the cute mini Ultraman I had for breakfast.

Bento # 71 – Ultraman breakfast bento

And this is for today lunch.

Bento # 71 – Ultraman  lunch Bento

See the Ultraman stationary that I mentioned above? I put a small pot of flower to beautify him, he is a bit dusty as he had been sitting on the shelf for years, nevertheless it is cute, right? Love it!

The Ultraman bento actually pretty simple and easy to make. I shape the rice to the oval shape then decorated them with red pepper, egg sheet and turnip.

I do find that the mouth was too thick, for future reference, need to cut thinner slice and mold the mouth together with he face instead of putting it on top of rice.

Summary of what’s in the box :

  • A portion of rice
  • Few slice of turnip – cut into shapes for the ears and mouth
  • 1 piece of egg sheet – use cookie cutter to cut the oval shape for eyes
  • A slice of red pepper – for the …well I don’t know how to describe it, see the red line on the face? well that’s what I meant
  • For side dish : a small portion of veggies and spicy fermented soya cake
  • 3 slices of steamed purple sweet potato

Hmmm… now I wonder who should I make for the next superhero, any idea and suggestion?


6 thoughts on “Bento # 71 – Ultraman Bento (Superhero series)

    • Hi Anita, yes the ultraman reminds me on my childhood too.
      I do think Iron Man count as superhero too, he fight for justice, he can fly, he wear costume, and so on, thanks for the idea. Iron Man Bento was created and posted today.

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