Bento # 70 – Thor Bento (Superhero series)

Bento # 70 – Thor Bento

Today Thor appear and join his friends in  superhero series bento. Nope I am not trying to make the whole Avenger team (eventually I would love to add few characters, but I guess that depend on the level of difficulty and if my skill is up to it).

I use ham for the face and body,  then decorated them with cheese and nori. The hair was made of egg sheet. Since I don’t have any red material for Thor’s cloak/cape, I use grill sotong (squid) snack,  but it was not red enough and don’t show well on the screen.  I am running out of idea on what type of food to use that can represent steel hence I use cut and fold aluminum foil for the helmet and for hammer.

Bento # 70 – Thor Bento (zoom)

Summary of what’s in the box :

  • A portion of steam rice
  • Ham + Nori + egg sheet + cheese + grille squid snack -> Thor
  • Small slice of cherry tomatoes for Thor’s bracelet
  • A small portion of seaweed salad + 3 pieces of spicy maple corn fritters + few slices of dragon fruit and cherry tomatoes.

Happy Tuesday all…


6 thoughts on “Bento # 70 – Thor Bento (Superhero series)

  1. Wow, you really did a good work on Thor, also the other part of bento looks nice, i want to try dragon fruit!
    I looked at your other bentos and they all are amazing! I once tried making bento to bring to somewhere with me, but it all got messy when i got to eating it and i was sad that no one got to see my lovely bears 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by and comment. Yup it is a challenge to bring bento out of home, mine looks good because I took the photo immediately after I made them to ensure they still look nice 🙂 maybe you want to try taking snap shoot for your next bento and share, would love to see your lovely bears or probably a cute pug version 🙂 You have a live model… Cheers.

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