Bento # 69 – July Birthday Bento

July is another important month to me because  I have 2 family member (Mum and younger brother) and a very good old friend (Dugia) celebrating their birthday. So before the month is over, here is the birthday bento to celebrate their joyful day…

As usual in Chinese tradition, a noodle represent a long life and one should have noodle in her/his birthday. I remember when I was young, mum always  prepare red egg (hard boiled egg dyed with red color) so it’s my turn to prepare the egg for her though they were not dyed into red color, instead I turn them into  three busy bee (should dye them to yellow but I don’t have any natural ingredients available)  to represent the birthday fellow being happily and actively flying in the garden of joy.

I also have a big 2 level birthday cake for them to share, and each person got their own birthday gift.

Bento # 69 – July Birthday Bento 1.0

Bento # 69 – July Birthday Bento 1.1

Bento # 69 – July Birthday Bento 1.2

In summary on what’s in the box :

  • A portion of egg and vegetable fried noodle decorated with quail eggs and baby corn
  • 3 quail eggs+ nori + slices almond for the bee’s wings
  • 2 piece of pancake stacked and decorated with strawberry and pocky
  • Strawberry and Dragon fruit decorated with cheese -> birthday presents

Happy Birthday to you… happy birthday to you… Happy birthday Happy birthday…Happy birthday to you…


2 thoughts on “Bento # 69 – July Birthday Bento

  1. Happy Birthday to your mom, bro and Dugia. I’m sure they will so happy to find out u mentioned about them and even made a bento for their birthday. Tat’s so sweet of u. Love how to line all the strawberries…so appetizing ok…i love it!

    and yes, i love the idea of adding the noodles in the bday bento. Its so tradition…you are so clever my dear.

    I never asked….may i know where are you staying at the moment?

    • Hi, thanks, I will let the birthday fellows know that you sent bday greetings for them. Glad to know that you like the bday bento, I will send it over to mum right after I reply this. Yup… birthday is about celebrating and keeping tradition. At this moment I stay in Jakarta/Indonesia. Do drop me a note if you happen to visit so we can meet up and catch up 🙂

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