2 LC July cooking challenge : Strawberry

I wanted to participate in 2LC July Cooking challenge which theme is  : Strawberry.
However baking is never my forte and I can’t think of any cooking recipe which use strawberry as main ingredients, except Bento making. Upon brainstorming for idea, it hit me that I actually had created a bento with strawberry as main ingredients, not even as side dish. So I wrote to them and ask if my previous angry birds bento is eligible for participation and I was glad to hear the reply : Yes.

So here I am participating with previous angry birds bento

The bento itself was made of mini fried mantou for the yellow birds and fresh strawberry for the red birds. Use Nori and cheese to create the facial expression to resemble those angry birds character.

A little about 2LC (2 Little Chefettes), they are  two Indonesian female (Bebe and Ridha) based in Sweden , they love to cook and have their own personal blog too. Here is link to 2 LC  monthly cooking challenge in the case if you are also interested to join  http://twolittlechefettes.wordpress.com/


8 thoughts on “2 LC July cooking challenge : Strawberry

    • Hi Anita, nope, not yet, the other version that I have was the one with the pigs (Bento # 55). Eventually I would love to make a complete version, it is in my things to do list 😉

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