Bento # 66 – Batman bento (Superhero series)

Today bento theme is boy theme, the dark knight aka Batman,  and it is  first of the super hero series that plan I make. It was simple because I only use Nori to create the Batman mask and the bat logo and then just place them on top of the food.

I use piece of milk cheese  to give a better background to the batman instead of place it directly on top of brown rice,  add a slice of cheddar cheese (cut into face shape), and then place the batman mask on top of the cheese, add the eyes (use a straw to make a round shape and cut into 2).

Bento # 66 – Batman Bento (Super hero series)

What’s in the box

  • A portion of brown rice
  • Milk cheese, cheddar cheese
  • Steam broccoli + carrots
  • Egg tamagoyaki
  • Fried vegetable spring roll + few lotus root chips
  • Few cherry tomatoes

It is an all veggies and healthy lunch.

Happy Thursday !



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