Bento # 65 – Boar Bento

Today bento is another pig theme but in a more masculine shape, the boar.

The 2 boars were made of hard boiled egg cooked in pork stew and soya sauce (Mum cook pork stew with eggs and tofu, and as usual I took the advantages and bring back a little portion for my stash at the fridge).

Cut the egg into 2 and made a small cut at the edge  to form a nose and keep the cut part for the ears and tusks. I use the sliced ham from my fried Lotus root with mushroom dish for the eyes, decorated with black sesame seed.

Below please find the photos  🙂

Bento #65 – Boar bento 1.0

Another angle with closer look to the boars.

Side dish was Fried lotus root with mushroom that I cook and posted earlier today.

Bento #65 – Boar bento 1.1

I received my package from Bento& Co this morning and  immediately use the Kokeshi bento box  for today Bento 🙂






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