Bento # 64 – Little red riding hood Bento (Otogicco version)

When I made the previous three little pigs bento, I kind of wanting to add a bad wolf in the bento, but due to one and and another reason, it was not realized.

So today the big bad wolf appear  with Little red riding hood, I try to make this Otogicco version which I happen to stumble upon when I was online shopping for Bento tools.

I use red pepper for the red hood , ham for the face and Nori for the wolf. Try to cut the Nori to resemble the wolf based on this image that I Google from internet (photo not belong to me)

Here is my Little Red Riding Hood Bento, its an vegetarian dish, except for the ham, dedicated  for fellow vegan bento blogger friends.

Bento # 64 – Little Red Riding Hood (Otogicco version)

What’s in the box :

  • Rice mix with seaweed furikake
  • Red pepper + Ham + Nori -> Little red riding hood and big bad wolf
  • Red pepper + Carrot -> bed of flowers + a little mints

Happy Monday and beware of big bad wolf lurking behind you …



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