Bento # 63 – Back to School Bento

Bento # 63 – Back to School Bento

Been wanting to make the back to school  Bento since Monday because this week is the 1st week of children going back to school and I have many proud mum friends posted their children photo in their first uniform so I kind of encourage to cheer for the kids as well.

So before the week is over, I am using the last piece of my fried mantou, the pandan flavors and convert it into the school bus. Cut the bun  3 slices ,the thicker slice for the bus body, another thin slice for the window frame,  top part for the wheels and other decorations, then  decorated the bus with piggy and bunny food pick as passengers.

What’s in the box :

  • 1 fried mantou – pandan flavours
  • 1/2 slice of pork bak kwa (chinese pork jerky)
  • Milk and cheddar cheese for the alphabets
  • 2 fried stuffed tofu
  • 1 thin roll of egg tamagoyaki + parsley, cut into 3 pieces
  • A small portion of seaweed salad (bought from Korean minimart) – sprinkle with a dash of toasted sesame
  • Lettuce and cherry tomatoes

Happy Friday and wish all of you have a great weekend.




7 thoughts on “Bento # 63 – Back to School Bento

    • Hi BAM, thanks for the compliment, much I love making Bento yet I still have long way to sharpen and improve myself. Don’t think I will be able to start any bento box business as I get bored easily, love the creative challenge for new thing yet can’t stand to make the same things/design repeatedly in larger quantity. Anyway thanks for the words of encouragement, Happy Sunday to you, cheers.

  1. Looks lovely! I’m kinda missing normal food now cuz where I’m at now veggies aren’t really an option 😦
    Looking at this makes me feel a little bit sad haha

    • Hi, thanks for the compliment, I always admire those who can be strong enough to refuse meat, me is a pure carnivore and I think I will die without meat 🙂
      Don’t be sad, there are many variant of vegetarian dish which can easily turn into cute and yummy bento. I will create veggie bento for you sometime next week. Btw are you a strict veggies with no egg or egg is ok?

      • Haha, I’m not a vegetarian but I just like them! But here I don’t have a kitchen or a fridge OR a pantry…so you see why I can’t cook or make bento…
        Looking forward to your next bento!

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