Bento # 62 – Three Little Pigs Bento

Bento # 62 – Three Little Pigs Bento

I feel like getting a treat when I cut my mantou and found that the color inside was pink. So without further delay I immediately gearing up and convert my breakfast into Bento. For a split second I was torn in between pink rabbit or pig but then since I only have 1 pink bun I choose not to take a risk of running out of stock and end up not able to come up with anything, rabbit need more bun for the ears.

Slice the upper part and set aside for ears and snout and then slice the remaining into 3 slices with same thickness for the faces. Decorate them with cheese and Nori for eyes and mouth and place them on heap of green and fruits salad. Tada… three little pigs in the forest 🙂

What’s in the basket :

  • 1 strawberry fried mantou decorated with cheese and Nori
  • heap of lettuce and some cherry tomatoes and few small slices of orange
  • few rose apple – slice thinly and cut with sakura cutter

Note : It turn out that the fried mantou pack that I bought contain few flavors, at a glance they almost looks similar with golden yellow and assorted variance of brown  color at the outer skin, but inside the actually have assorted colors and flavors and today one is the strawberry. I had used the chocolate and the coffee flavors for Monday ‘s giraffe and I think the remaining bun look a bit greenish so I assume they might be  pandan/green tea flavors, will check it tomorrow. In the meantime please bear with me if this week Bento will be mostly all about mantou.



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