Bento # 61 – Giraffe Bento

Bento # 61 – Giraffe Bento

After a great success of using Mantou for the previous angry birds bento, I am tempted to experiment more using the same ingredient.

On top of  maximizing the nice color, me personally also love to eat fried mantou, so from time to time I always stock them in my fridge for breakfast or snack. I prefer to buy fresh mantou from a bakery or any Chinese restaurant instead of the frozen pack from supermarket. Today Giraffe was made from 2 pieces of fried mantou, 1st mantou was deep fried until the color turn golden yellow and  I deliberately extend the frying time for the 2nd mantou for a deeper brown color  to decorate  the giraffe

After cooling the mantou, I slice the 1st mantou into 3 layers with same thickness and use the top part which still have the skin and the roundish shape  for the giraffe’s snout. For the remaining part of the mantou, I shape them into giraffe’s face and neck.

Then I thinly slice the 2nd mantou top part and set them aside to make the giraffe’s eyes, mouth and nose holes , as well as the giraffe’s spots. For remaining part of the mantou  I shape them into the same face and neck shape as the 1st mantou and then stack them under under to make a sandwich.  Since I like to eat my mantou with sweet condensed milk, I brush some milk in between the mantou instead of using any jam or butter.

What’s in the box :

  • 1 golden yellow fried mantou- shaped into giraffe’s snout, face and neck
  • 1 golden brown fried mantou – shaped into eyes, mouth, nose holes, and giraffe’s spots
  • 1 Cookie decorated with cheese
  • A bunch of blanched string beans (use a little salt) – and cut into leaf’s shape
  • Oranges and cherry tomatoes

Happy Monday everyone !



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