Doraemon’s favourite snack (Dorayaki)

Today I make Doraemon’s favourite snack, the Dorayaki.

The Recipe and how to was from the great lady chef from Cookingwithdog

Unlike the lady chef, I do not have patience to make the Red Bean paste so I substitute with whatever ingredients that I have in my fridge chocolate and peanut butter jam as well as grated cheese.

Below please find the copy paste of the recipe from Cookingwithdog.

Ingredients for Dorayaki (Sweet Red Bean Paste Pancakes) – (6 pieces)
2 Eggs
80g Johakuto White Sugar or Raw Sugar (2.82 oz)
1 tbsp Honey
1/2 tsp Baking Soda

50ml Water (1.69 fl. oz)
130g Cake Flour (4.59 oz)
1~3 tsp Water to adjust the thickness of the batter

100g Premade Anko (Red Bean Paste) for whipped cream anko (0.220 lb)
150g Premade Anko for regular Dorayaki (0.331lb)
** Please watch our “How to Make Zenzai & Anko” video.

50ml Whipping Cream chilled in a fridge (1.69 fl. oz)
1/2 tbsp Sugar

** When baking pancakes, set the griddle at about 340 degrees °F (170°C). Higher temperature would cause pancakes to burn easily and lower temperature would make them hard and dry.



2 thoughts on “Doraemon’s favourite snack (Dorayaki)

    • Hi, I did not use a mold, just use the same ladle for each batch of Dorayaki, it get me almost the same size , however I choose those who have the most matching size for photo taking 🙂

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