Bento # 59 – Pig Bento (Angry Bird version)

Bento # 59 – Pig Bento (Angry Bird version)

After the earlier post Bento # 55 with Angry Birds theme , some friends ask whether there is any simplified version or a real food version with bread and rice because fruits are not too filling for their kids.

So today I experiment with bread and since I already use bread for the previous yellow bird, today I decided to only make the birds’ nemesis , the pigs . And those green pandan bread is just perfect, no need extra effort for coloring.  I use a bear shape cookie cutter and modified them a bit, use scissor to cut and reducing the ear’s shape to get a rounder face and smaller ears and maximizing the bread’s side brown color as the blocks.

As usual cheese and Nori for eyes, ears, nose and other decoration.  This time instead of using mayo for gluing,  I use condensed milk.

These were what I pack for my friends today.




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