Japanese Hotcake /Pancake

Been reading about the hotcake from Japanese manga and I found that those hotcake drawing always looks thicker than the usual pancake. So when I stumble upon Morinaga instant hotcake flour I was so excited to try.  The hotcake flour cost about Rp 38,000 / box (approx USD $ 4).

A box contain 2 sachets and the recipe for each sachet is to add 1 egg + 100 cc milk to make the batter that serves about 6 medium size hotcake or 4 large size hotcake. And as you can see from the image in the box, those hotcake look so fluffy and soft despite its thickness.

I made my first batch yesterday ,resulted to Rilakkuma Bento but in yesterday attempt I kind of accidentally pour more than 100 cc milk (it was probably about 120-130 cc), which made my batter looks alright but I did not able to get the thickness that I desired.

So today I really make sure it was 100 cc  and today I use chocolate milk instead of the standard skim milk and below was the result. Thick , warm and yummy chocolate hotcake with chocolate sauce.

Japanese Hotcake

Happy Monday…




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