Bento # 58 – Villain/Gangster pancake Bento

A friend of mine complained about my Bento being cute and girlie and she can’t copy the idea for her son.

So today I decided to accommodate her and create non girlie Bento, the villain aka gangster Bento.  An advance disclaimer that I did not encourage children to be violent or bullier. The original idea was to create  something with angry eyes to represent “I hate Monday” however I can’t resist to add a scar on the face which eventually turn it into a gangster.

Happy Monday !!!

Bento # 58 – Villain/Gangster pancake Bento

What’s in the box :

  • 1 chocolate hotcake  – decorated with cheese and Nori
  • 1  Jambu air (English name : Rose Apple/ Champoo)
  • 1 butter corn  (cut into 2 smaller pieces)
  • few cherry tomatoes

If you wonder what is the gangster pancake man holding in his hand, it was a bat.

I try make the villain in fighting mode and I use the rose apple for the bat, but seems that it wasn’t long and thick enough…  LOL…




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