Bento # 57 – Rilakkuma Bento

Bento # 57 – Rilakkuma Bear Bento

Today breakfast was pancake

Upon returning home after church, lunch with friends, and saw stack of pancake from this morning , I kind of tempted to convert them into character Bento. And the idea of making Rilakkuma Bear was inspired by my friend Ms. NF whom happen to post Rilakkuma Bear in her BB picture profile, upon seeing the bear and noticing the pancake color really  resemble the bear, I cant help myself and start taking out my bento tools.

By the way… for those who don’t know, Rilakkuma is a Japanese bear character , the name itself is the combination of “Relax” and “Kuma”, Kuma means Bear. I believe Rilakkuma is a Bear whom like to relax .

What’s in the box :

  • 2 piece of pancake for the bear
  • Cheese  and Nori for eyes, ears  and nose
  • Few cherry tomatoes and gummy candies

It was blessing in disguise that I was multitask doing some dish washing when I cook the pancake, a little late in flipping the pancake resulted to nice brown color for a tan Rilakkuma.

Happy Sunday.


6 thoughts on “Bento # 57 – Rilakkuma Bento

  1. I think you use a different kind of batter than I do because my pancakes never look like that.
    Mine are always really thin, different color and not airy ;p

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