Bento # 55 – Angry Bird Bento

Father : Why do they need a catapult, they are birds, right?

Daughter : These birds … they don’t have wings

Father : No wonder they were so angry…

The above was a conversation  between Detective Danny Williams (aka Danno) with his daughter Grace in an episode of  Hawai 5 O series.

Today I present you the healthy angry birds bento as breakfast.

Bento # 55 – Angry Bird Bento

What’s in the box :

  • 1 piece fried mantou (chinese steam bread) – for the yellow bird
  • 1 piece Kiwi – for the pigs
  • 2 strawberries – for the red birds
  • Nori and cheese and carrot for eye brows, eyes and beaks.

Happy Wednesday !!!



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