Review: A quest for best Red Velvet in town – part 1

I noticed an increasing popularity of Red Velvet in town since last year,  almost every cake shop, coffee shop, cafe , even online shop sell this cake.

Although the  red color (various version of bright red to dark right, red brown) topped with cream cheese icing looks very attractive on the display,  yet I tried to resist the temptation with the reason : Too red to be true, which means some red food coloring is added and they are not good for health.

However the fateful day happen when I had lunch with fellow girl friends and we decided to share some cake for dessert, the majority ops for red velvet and I just go with the flow but then one bite is enough to made me helplessly fall in love with the cake. And nope the cake that I fell in love with was in this post (the cafe is located at other side of the town and I don’t have time to go and buy yet, so it will be posted in the later part)

Though some shops claimed that they used beets to enhance the color of their cakes and do not use food coloring, yet I believe some/little amount of coloring is added to get such color , but since I never try to make it, so I am not sure as well, probably you who know better can help to comment.

Anyway, below please find my personal opinion on those cakes that I had tried, and this is purely personal comment and no hidden campaign or sponsor by any brand.



1) Red Temptation by The Coffee Bean.

Price / slice : Rp 28,000 (approx USD $ 3 / slice)

First thing that I like from this cake is the size, it just perfect, not to big nor too thick and it look sweet and attractive with a dash  of red sparkles  on the top  and a stick of dark chocolate , it have some roasted almond slices at the bottom of the outer side. The 3 layered cake texture was sweet and moist while the cream cheese though was slightly sweet, still blend in well with the cake.

I love them with tea instead of coffee.

2) Via Red Velvet by  Starbucks

Price / slice : Rp 25,000 (approx USD $ 2.7 / slice)

I was attracted by the generous coating  of what I thought was nougat on the outer side of this  roll cake version . The cake itself was moist and not too sweet so the sweet vanilla cream balance it. If only they used a nougat instead of  roasted peanut then it will be perfect (the roasted peanut taste too plain and without any sweetness and they were a bit soft, might due to the chiller).

Nevertheless it was value for money and goes well with Caramel latte.

3) Red Velvet by Michel’s patisserie

Price / slice : Rp 25,000 (approx USD $ 2.7 / slice)

I saw a long queuing at the counter so the cake must be good , I bought 2 pieces the red velvet and rainbow cake (post separately at later time).

The 4 layered  cake  topped with creamy cheese cream and red sparkles, it  had  light texture and not too sweet .The cream cheese  has light salty taste and a bit too light to my liking where personally I think did not balance the cake. If only they add some other topping  because to me the overall cake was rather plain, just cake and cream cheese with no element of surprise. Nevertheless this cake is suitable for those who prefer the less sweet cake.

4) Red Velvet Whoopie Pie by Kitchenette

Price / slice : Rp 25,000 (approx USD $ 2.7 / slice)

At a glance this pie look like a giant macaroon. The pie itself was soft inside and rich in taste and not too sweet, you can really feel the lingering of red velvet taste after a bite. The cream cheese as you can see from the photo, was firm and thick and have rich cheese  taste which really match the pie.

5) Red Velvet by Delika

Price / slice : Rp 18,000 (approx USD $ 1.9 / slice)

I was attracted to the unusual outlook of this red velvet cake. Instead of red sparkles or nougat which are the common in many red velvet, this version was decorated with dried coconut flakes (at first I thought they were white chocolate) and a rose shaped chocolate which initially I thought was made of icing.

The cake is very stable in the form and texture, love the great balance between the cake and the cream cheese, and the coconut flakes did a great job to enhance the taste. The chocolate rose can taste better if they use a better quality  chocolate.  However can’t bee too demanding considering the relatively low price that they charge 🙂

6) Red Velvet by Brussels Spring

Price/ slice : Rp 27,500 (approx USD $ 2.9 /slice)

At a glance to my photo this  square shape red velvet might look bigger and thicker than the one by Delika , but I can assure you that the actual cake was not as big as what it looks, my apology for the close up angle. However if you found that the top layer was thicker than the bottom layer, that was true case and not because of the camera angle.

First bite of the cake told me that both cake texture and the cheese cream were rather firm/stiff and tasteless, I guess it might due to 2 things , either the chiller temperature was too high and caused the stiffness or the cake had been  sitting in the chiller for more than a day. I kind of a bit suspicious because I saw some red stain from the cherry on the whipped cream, don’t think that a preserved cherry can stain that fast but then again I am not professional so it can be only my guessing, perhaps any reader who have more experience in baking or cake making  can share some comment.   I wait for a while for the second bite to see if I can get the right taste and  found that the cake texture was quite moist and the cream cheese actually slightly salty with a quite strong cheese taste, so it was not tasteless after all.

To be continue to part 2

Stay tuned…


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