Bento # 52 – Mr & Mrs Bear Bento

Bento # 52 – Mr & Mrs Bear Bento

I am in the mood for Bear series Bento and upon browsing the net for inspiration I found this Bears in Love Bento from  :  and it turn to be one of the Photo in Face Food recipe book by Christopher D  Salyers.

Photo courtesy of Face Food Recipe

Can’t resist the temptation to replicate the “Bears in love” which is really cute and adorable, moreover I happen to have the pink Denbu in fridge which is really suitable for the pink bear.

I don’t have the patience to create the dreamy or lovey dovey eyes, so after few attempts and can’t get the look that I desired, I decided to change them into my version. As usual the Mr in my Bento character always being the protective one. Just look at the fierce eyes behind the sunglasses and the big and strong arm And know what?  I just realized  that  adding a tattoo into the arm  will be perfect, it will make him look like a macho motor bike rider Bear… 🙂 Don’t you think so?

What’s in the box :

  • Pink rice ball (mix white rice with pink Denbu)
  • Brown rice ball (mix white rice with sweet soya sauce)
  • 2 pinch of white rice for the noses
  • Nori and black sesame seeds for the eyes
  • Carrot for the nose
  • Fresh strawberries

Happy Wednesday !



2 thoughts on “Bento # 52 – Mr & Mrs Bear Bento

  1. Adorable. When we used to live in Japan I used to make my boys bento boxes but never as cute as these. Thanks for stopping by my website so that I could find yours. Take care, BAM

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