Review : Japanese roll cake in town

I always enjoy eating Japanese style cake , love those soft  and fluffy cake texture with it’s light yet delicious cream.

So when I heard about this new cake shop  in town which specialized in Japanese roll cake I did not waste my time and immediately went there and try.

Located in the shop house in  Pantai Indah Kapuk  residential complex at South Jakarta is a nice and cozy place called Rati Rati. This cake shop is manage by an outstanding Japanese chef who had won many awards back there in Japan (referring to many awards and achievement and acknowledgement displayed in the store).  Store it self is not too big but clean, dominated with white decoration and it has both outdoor and indoor sitting place. I did not have the chance to take the picture of the store because it was not my intention to write any review. Went there during my lunch break and need to get back to work, so I bought  those cakes for take away and to enjoy at later part.

I had a hard time to choose because all those cakes looks very attractive and yummy. The good part  is customer can buy either in roll or slice. After browsing around I decided to follow to the waitress advice by choosing : 1 slice of Strawberry Cardinal  (said to be the best seller) and a slice of each Blueberry, Matcha and Choco roll cake .

Price per slice range from Rp 28,000 ( aprox USD 3/slice).

Cardinal Strawberry

Cardinal strawberry is the only cake which is not a roll cake type.  At a glance it look a bit like  pastry puff , the cake itself does taste like a cake, not puff, with a crunchy outer layer and soft light cake texture inside. Love the not too sweat and light cream with fresh strawberry inside. A dash of caster sugar sprinkle at the top part add balance the overall not too sweet cake.

Blueberry roll

A typical Japanese cake with soft texture and light yummy fresh cream. I like the not too sweet cream balance out the sweet blueberry sauce.

Macha dan Choco roll

The sweet ogura (red bean) inside the fresh cream bring element of surprise to the macha roll.

Love the absolute taste of the chocolate coating on the cake as well as the rich chocolate cream inside.

I love the fact that they place an ice pack inside the packaging to keep the cake cool and fresh, not many cake shop practice this habit.

For dine in at the shop, it serve with a scoop of home made ice cream.

Note : review was made for personal purposes based on personal judgement and not for any commercial value nor sponsored by any party.


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