Bento # 49 – Snow White Bento

Bento # 49 – Snow White Bento

Snow White seems to be rather popular recently.

The cinema is playing Show White and the Huntsman, and before that there was Mirror Mirror and  the television just completed the Once Upon a Time series.

My myself watch the Once Upon a Time series in DVD and finish them in 2 days and totally love it… can’t wait for the second season.

I like the way they create a different angle of those classic stories in a way that we never imagined, like why Snow White’s stepmother (the Evil queen) hated her ? Also the interesting part on  the revealing or  you may say  the naming of the  prince’s character.

All story books that I read when I was young never mention the prince name, it only state them as  prince charming, royal prince, handsome prince, etc. So now I know the name of Snow White’s prince is Prince James, while Cinderella’s prince is Prince Thomas 🙂

Anyway, enough of me babbling about the story and let’s go back to today Bento.

As you can tell from the name , today Bento is all about Snow White. I try to create Snow White in three different version.

  • Left : Snow White from Once Upon the Time (younger age version when the first time she met her stepmother)
  • Middle : Snow White from Classic Disney with her signature red ribbon
  • Right : Snow White from Once Upon the Time (the modern version, Mary Margareth with short hair, she lost her memory about her being Snow White)

Those Snow White were made of cheese and peanut butter sandwiches, decorated with Nori for the hair and facial expression, and steamed Kani stick for the blush and ribbon.






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